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Robert Sandy

Blue Springs Missouri, USA

94.3450 West     39.0277 North

Photo by Bob Sandy - click picture for exposure data

Member of the International Occultation Timing Association

Member of the Astronomical Society of Kansas City

If you are interested in who Robert Sandy is, what he does, and his involvement with IOTA, you are more than welcome to peruse my biography. To find out more about IOTA and Occultation/Grazing Events, the main IOTA index page is located at www.lunar-occultations.com

Time Conversion Tables for Astronomers

Year 2022 Bright Star Occultations for 40 Major North American Cities

Predictions Generated by Occult v4.12.15.x authored by David Herald
You can download a free copy of Occult to generate predictions for your own location
Must Read Explanation of the Predictions - [pdf format]
How To Correct Event Times for Your Location

Anchorage, Atlanta, Boston, Brownsville, Chicago get file (55k zip)
Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Edmonton, Faribanks get file (51k zip)
Guatemala City, Hamilton Bermuda, Hilo, Honolulu, Houston get file (55k zip)
Juneau, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Memphis, Mexico City get file (58k zip)
Miami, Minneapolis, Montreal, New Orleans, New York get file (56k zip)
Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Salt Lake, San Jose CR get file (59k zip)
San Francisco, San Juan PR, Seattle, St John's NF, St Louis get file (56k zip)
Tampa, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington DC, Winnipeg get file (55k zip)

Bob Sandy's Total/Graze/Asteroidal Information
includes information for Midwest Region

All predictions generated by Occult v4.12.15.x authored by David Herald

2022 Total Occultations for Blue Springs MO How to Read - [pdf file]

2022 Grazing Occultations for Blue Sprgs MO

2022 Asteroid Occultations for Blue Sprgs MO

Tips for Cold Weather Graze Expeditions

Archives of Pictorial Reductions

Archive of Profile Reductions from Past Grazes
An Explanation of R. Sandy's Profile Reductions

Some of My Favorite Links on the Net

Real Time Weather - Satellite Data
NEXRAD Weather Information
USGS Mapping Accuracies And How They Are Obtained
American Association of Amateur Astronomers

Please feel free to send comments and question to Robt Sandy at bobgraze@sbcglobal.net

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