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Information Site for Lunar Occultations & Grazes

Last Updated 30 MAY 2019
WARNING! Information and e-mail addresses contained herein, are for scientific use only. By entering this site, you agree that you will use this data only for lawful purposes and that, under no circumstances will you use this data to: allow, enable, or otherwise support the transmission of mass unsolicited, commercial advertising or solicitations via direct mail, electronic mail, or by telephone.


  • We encourage, promote and facilitate the observation of occultations and eclipses
  • We provide predictions for grazing occultations of stars by the Moon
    and predictions for occultations of stars by asteroids and planets
  • We also provide information on observing equipment and techniques,
    and we report to our members about observations made

  • To promote scientific research and discovery using occultation related methods
  • To conduct research at the local, regional and international level
    and to publish results of studies in popular and scientific journals
  • To stimulate public awareness of astronomical phenomena such as (but not limited to) solar and lunar eclipses and occultations of stars by minor planets, the Moon, and other solar system bodies
  • To improve lunar profile data through timing of grazing and total occultations
  • To determine shapes and sizes of minor planets and comets through timing of occultations of stars by these objects
  • To discover evidence of new, and confirm characteristics of previously discovered, satellites/companions of minor planets

The Value of Lunar Occultation Timings and Observations

Upcoming Bright Star Occultation Events

Check "Regional Information on Events" below for more information on occultation/graze events for local circumstances

How to read the country codes and prediction format

25 May - Occultation of δ Cap - 2.9m - s Australia, New Zealand
06 Jun - Occultation of δ Gem - 3.5m - se USA, Cuba, Central America, so Mexico
18 Jun - Occultation of ο Sgr - 3.8m - s Australia
19 Jun - Occultation of Saturn - 0.2m - s America s Africa
21 Jun - Occultation of γ Cap - 3.7m - s Africa, s Australia
12 Jul - Occultation of γ Lib - 3.9m - French Polynesia
16 Jul - Occultation of ο Sgr - 3.8m - s South America
19 Jul - Occultation of γ Cap - 3.7m - s South America
19 Jul - Occultation of δ Cap - 2.9m - s South America
27 Jul - Occultation of δ1 Tau - 3.8m - e Asia, Japan, Korea
27 Jul - Occultation of ε Tau - 3.5m - Australia, New Zealand
29 Jul - Occultation of ζ Tau - 3.0m - e central Africa, s Middle East
08 Aug - Occultation of γ Lib - 3.9m - s Australia, New Zealand
12 Aug - Occultation of Saturn - 0.2m - Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia
24 Aug - Occultation of δ1 Tau - 3.8m - Greenland, nw Africa, w Europe
25 Aug - Occultation of ζ Tau - 3.0m - w USA, Mexico
26 Aug - Occultation of η Gem - 3.5m - s Africa
26 Aug - Occultation of μ Gem - 2.9m - w central Africa, e South America
27 Aug - Occultation of δ Gem - 3.5m - nw Africa, w Europe
04 Sep - Occultation of γ Lib - 3.9m - s Africa

2019 Predictions

Concerning 2019 IOTA Predictions Must Read(pdf format)
2019 Worldwide Total Occultations of Bright Stars
2019 Occultation of Planet by the Moon
2019 Total Occultations of Bright Stars for 40 North American Cities
2019 Worldwide Graze Tables and Maps - D. Dunham
Eclipse Maps and Weather
Eclipse Information from

Asteroid Occultation Information

Steve Preston's World Wide Prediction Site
Derek Breit's Regional Asteroid Path Maps for USA
North American Asteroidal Reference Homepage
Asteroidal Occultation Results for North America
Worldwide Results Home Page
Report Form For Asteroid Observations
Japanese Astroidal Prediction Site (Japanese)
Japanese Astroidal Results (English)

Lunar Impacts and IOTA

NASA/Marshall main lunar impacts Web site
B. Cudnik's ALPO lunar meteor impacts Web site
D. Dunham's Impact Page (historical, 1999 & 2001, & earlier efforts)
G. Varros's Web site (good for equipment & his observations)
Yahoo Egroup Site for Lunar Impacts

Helpful Information

I.O.T.A.'s Primary Site
I.O.T.A. Membership Application - Discussion Maillist
"Chasing the Shadow: The IOTA Occultation Observer's Manual
The Occultation Observer's Handbook by Robinson & Povenmire
NWS Current Weather & Forecasts
Time Conversion Tables - UTC to Local for USA
World Time Zone Map
IOTA Annual Meeting Minutes
Sky & Telescope's Occultation Page

Occult Software and Related Information

Occult version 4.6 Prediction Software
Tips for using Occult by David Dunham (pdf file)
Lunar Report Generator - Discussion Maillist
How to Use Occult 4 to Predict Comet Occultations
The ZC Star Catalog (not to be interfaced with Occult)
Expanded Site Files

OccultWatcher -
A free software program designed by Hristo Pavlov to help asteroidal occultation observers to stay tuned with the latest predictions published by Steve Preston on his web site.
The program monitors the site and downloads the new or updated predictions when they become available

Basics of Total Occultations

Basic Information and How to Obtain Predictions
BeeperSync - An Alternative WWV Internet Based Timing Source
How to Report Observations
The Prediction Format for Total Occultations - [pdf format]
The Value of Total Lunar Occultations
Timing & Location Accuracies for Observations

Basics of Grazing Occultations

The Grazing Occultation
IOTA Standard Stations
North American city coordinates
Archive of Observed Graze Profile Reductions

Regional Information on Events
all these are external links

Mid-Atlantic Occultations - D. Dunham
Kansas-Missouri Area - R. Sandy
Upper Midwest- MN, IA, ND, SD and WI
San Francisco Bay Area - D. Breit
Houston Area - P. Maley
Occultations for Belgium, France, Spain, and Portugal - J. Schwaenen
Dr Salvador Aguirre's Occultation Yahoo Group for Mexico
Central America/South America (in Spanish)
Greater China Area by W. C. Yue (in Chinese)
Brazil by Breno Loureiro Giacchini (in Portuguese)

If you have a local URL for your area, send information to the webmaster for inclusion

Use of Video on Timing Events
A Light Weight Portable Video Setup - by R. Nugent
Richard Nugent's System - by D. Dunham
Tom Heisey's Video Setup (PDF)
"Millisecond Video Timing for the Masses" by S. Herchak
Finding Limiting Mag for Visual/Video Camera Observations

KIWI-OSD and IOTA-VTI Time Inserters

LiMovie measurement tool for video occultations
LiMovie measurements made by the author
(note: with IE right click the page & select the translation option)

Miscellaneous Stuff
I.O.T.A. Tax Information/Expense Report [pdf format]
Additional Reference Reading Material

Educational StarAward

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