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--> David Herald writes:
Subject: ZC catalogue - new version

Here is a version of the ZC catalogue I have created from the draft
XZ80Q catalogue - with missing stars filled in from Hipparcos & Tycho2.
Documentation is included.

I don't plan on doing anything more with this version. It is merely a
peripheral exercise from the XZ80Q exercise. But it does give modern,
bug-free, J2000 positions for all stars in the ZC catalogue.

Also is a file of names for the ZC stars. It includes all the
Bayer/Flamsteed/Proper names, plus variable identifiers. It is a simple
extraction from the equivalent file for XZ80Q (as put together with the
assistance of Eric Limburg.)

Excel has a variety of ways for inputting data. Tab delimited is but one.

The way to create a spreadsheet version of the file in Excel is as follows:

1. open the file in Excel
2. The text import wizard will display automatically. Choose the Fixed Width
option, and click Next
3. Now position the field limiters where you want them. This is the tedious
part of the exercise, but you can use the format details in the
Documentation file to put the field delimiters where you want them. Note
that you have full control of where you put the field breaks.
4. Click Finish (there is no need to go to the next screen on the wizard.)

Dave Herald

ZC catalog - Full J2000 positions [zip file - 238k]

ZC catalog - Names Only [zip file - 7k]

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