Expanded Site Files for Occult v4
by Walt "Rob" Robinson

Recently I converted an approximately 4,000 city database for use within Occult v4. The coordinates for the various cities are for major airports within those cities. The site files greatly increase the number of cities within your region for generating occultation predictions. These files will be useful for regional computors for producing predictions for a great many sites in your area. The files are OPTIONAL and not required for use within Occult.

When generating predictions, using the expanded file, one can use the a/b factor for calculating a more precise time for your exact location.
The page "http://www.lunar-occultations.com/iota/abfactor.htm tells you how to do this.

David Herald already has a complete set of smaller site files installed within the program. The files are broken into the following regions:


If you do not wish to use the complete region file for your area, you can create a smaller file by the following method:

Example For Bolivia:

Disclaimer: I have done my best to ensure correctness of the longitudes and latitudes within the site files. If you find an error please contact me at "webmaster at lunar-occultations dot com", and I will correct the master site file.

I would like to thank David Herald for his help in the conversion process, of which this endeavor would not have been possible.

Expanded Sites Zip File (approximately 100k - updated with corrections 21 Aug 2023)

Note: extract these files to a temporary location before moving into the Occult/Sites folder to ensure you do not overwrite any existing files with the same name!

Two Letter Country Codes Document (PDF File - 62k)

All comments and suggestions are welcome.

Walt "Rob" Robinson
5 Aug 2008

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